Buen Día Breakfast Tour


Mondays - Fridays


9:15 a.m.


2 to 2.5 hours


10 guests


5 star company with over 500 reviews


Tour takes place snow, rain, or shine


Comfortable clothing and shoes


All ages and fitness levels




4 stops including 4 breakfast dishes and 4 (non-alcoholic) drinks, expert tour guide, tasting map with insiders' recommendations


$50 adults


La Cocina, Café del Viajero Restaurant, Pila Seca Street #1 (on the corner of Pila Seca and Hernandez Macias Streets)

What to expect from this tour?

Rise and shine in San Miguel's best markets - Wake up to San Miguel's most colorful t eateries while sampling iconic breakfast plates. Get an early start on your day out and about enjoying San Miguel. Beat the crowds and the heat, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the beautiful streets of downtown, while learning about the city´s food, culture, history and traditions. Enjoy a full and flavorful breakfast. Find places to return for breakfast or lunch or dinner.

An Amazing Cultural & Historical Experience – our tour is located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our aim is to not only quench your thirst but also entertain you with San Miguel de Allende’s spookiest stories steeped in culture, revolutions and passion! Between savoring delicious desserts and drinks, you will feast your eyes on the beauty of this magical place. Our passionate and informed guides will help you navigate as a local. Some of the great sights that will be on our route are the famous Plaza Cívica, the fountains of the town, the cobblestone streets and Spanish Colonial architecture.

Why take this tour?

  1. History and Food. Dating back thousands of years to indigenous cultures, food in Mexico is very much a centerpiece of the culture. Reflected in Mexican food are the cultures that have come to define Mexico as a country: Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, Spanish and even French. Come see why in 2010, UNESCO added Mexican cuisine to its lists of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”. The aromas, textures and colors create a memorable experience you won’t soon forget.
  2. Local character and characters. San Miguel Food Tours will take you on an adventure that showcases the sights you came wanting to see and the ones you didn’t know about, but will be forever grateful upon seeing. You will learn about real local merchants who breathe life into the city with their powerful personal histories. You will see San Miguel’s history and beauty unfold through its stunning architecture, impressive natural terrain and fascinating locals.
  3. Good times. Eat. Smile. Learn. What can be better than fantastic tastings combined with exploring and learning about San Miguel’s sights and hidden treasures, all while meeting new friends? Our goal is to make sure you have an amazing time and walk away armed with new knowledge as you continue your exploration of our unforgettable city. Armed with your new confidence and a host of recommendations we will give you, your good times in San Miguel will not end soon.

Tour highlights include:


Tour bookings are fully refunable up to 48 hurs before your tour date, and we can also swap you into a different tour if there’s availability. A change of plans is no problem.

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