The Best Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende

Not your typical sand and sun Mexican vacation destination, our small Colonia is rapidly growing as a top tourist destination. Wondering what to do when there is no beach in sight? Here are just a few of the top things to do in San Miguel de Allende.


The Best Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende - Tuesday Market

Head To The Tuesday Market

There are no shortage of shops in town where you can purchase souvenirs and art, but if you will be in town on a Tuesday be sure to head to The Tianguis de los Martes. This market has a little bit of everything, including produce, fresh seafood, local cheese and honey, authentic pottery, art, woven baskets and rugs, furniture, and more. Located across from the Luciernega mall above town. The market is approximately the size of 3 football fields so it will take you some time to browse the vendors.

The Best Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende - Hot Springs


Head To The Hot Springs

The natural hot springs at La Gruda Spa are a must. About $110 pesos to get to by Uber and you can relax in the healing hot waters. One of the things that makes these open-air pools unique is that some areas have vertical water flow where you can enjoy a head and shoulder water massage. If you prefer steam you can do that too at La Gruda, or you can head to the temazcal (sweat lodge) at the Jardin Botanico. Explore the magnificent botanical gardens while you are at it!

The Best Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende - Food Tour


What is a trip to Mexico without authentic local cuisine? While there is a nice mix of international food throughout the city you must partake in tasting some of the regional favorites. As a walkable city, you will find restaurants on every main street. This can be a bit overwhelming which is why we suggest that you sign up for a guided food tour to sample some of San Miguel’s culinary gems. Schedule your food tour early in your trip so that you can return to your favorite tasting locations to enjoy more of their menu!

The Best Things To Do In San Miguel de Allende - Live Music

Take In Some Music

Locals have a great love and respect for the art of music and aim to make the city an international music destination. Think beyond mariachi, banda, and street performers—to stunning guitarists, blues, jazz, and tenured classical musicians. Be sure to see if there are any music events or live performances while you are in town. One of the top spots for world-class live concerts is the Festival de Música de Cámara.

Once a sleepy little city we have quickly become one of the favored places to vacation in all of Mexico!

Is Romance On The Agenda? Romantic Spots In San Miguel de Allende

If you will be in San Miguel de Allende for your honeymoon, anniversary, or for a couple’s getaway—head to one of the romantic spots below.

Romatic Spots In San Miguel de Allende -Viñedos La Redonda

Wine Tasting And Dinner At Viñedos La Redonda

If you and your loved one are wine connoisseurs hop a cab, Uber, drive, or tour bus and take a scenic ride to the Viñedos La Redonda winery in Ezequiel Montes. Be sure to check to see if they are hosting any festivals, concerts, or special events.

Romantic Spots In San Miguel de Allende - Couples Massage

Book A Couples Massage

What better way to leave the stress of your daily grind behind than to book a couple’s massage? This is an excellent way to get you in vacation mode. There are several hotels and spas in town that offer couples massage, as well as a multitude of spa treatments.

Romantic Spots In San Miguel de Allende - Brunch

Head To Brunch

No need to reserve brunch for the weekends while on your Mexican vacation, as you can enjoy brunch any day of the week. Spend a slow and easy morning in your hotel or Airbnb then head to one of the many walkable restaurants and cafes. The sky is the limit as you can enjoy an authentic regional brunch, French, American, and Canadian brunch classics.

Romantic Spots In San Miguel de Allende - La Gruda

Relax In Healing Mineral Water

Even if your hotel has a hot tub you must spend at least a few hours in the healing mineral waters at La Gruda. One of the things that make these open-air pools unique is that you can swim to the semi-enclosed caverns, some of which have vertical water flow for a soothing head massage.

Best Vacation Spots In Mexico

Enjoy The Sunset

The sunsets in San Miguel de Allende are spectacular. To really enjoy the view we suggest heading to the boutique hotel Casa de los Angelitos. This is also a romantic place to stay during your visit. At the very least, head there for drinks or dinner—where you will be high enough above the city to view a romantic sunset.

Romantic Spots In San Miguel de Allende

Take A Romantic Stroll

Our city has a nice slow pace and plenty of sights to see. It’s the perfect place to head out and about for a leisurely romantic stroll with no particular agenda in mind. Between our cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and Spanish Colonial architecture you will have plenty to take in. Nature is a priority so everywhere you go you will find stunning greenery and colorful flowers. Or stroll through the local botanical gardens.

Romantic Spots In San Miguel de Allende - Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

There are plenty of excursions to choose from in and around town but one of the most romantic things to do is to pop up into a hot air balloon and enjoy a breathtaking sunrise. Breakfast is included, and the entire excursion is about 3 hours, from 6 am to 9 am.

The list goes on, but these are some of the most romantic spots and things to do in San Miguel de Allende.

The Top 3 Cities To Visit In Mexico

Just like the United States and Canada, Mexico is a large and expansive country—offering vacationers many different options in weather, terrain, cuisine, culture, and more. While many of the coastal towns are popular cruise ship ports and tropical vacation destinations, there are a few inland cities that are gaining some serious attention. Below are the top 3 cities to visit in Mexico.

Best Vacation Spots In Mexico - San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

Every year Travel and Leisure Magazine readers rate the top cities in the world to travel to, rating each city with sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value. For the second year in a row, San Miguel de Allende tops the list! Readers include the colorful architecture, modern village feel, cobblestone streets, jewelry, art, and an impressive selection of international and regional cuisine as some of the reasons why they love San Miguel. Fly from your hometown into Guanajuato and drive the hour and a half to San Miguel. If you have the time, spend a day or two in Guanajuato and stop at a place or two on your way to and from town.

The Top 3 Cities To Visit In Mexico-Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City

What may come as a shock to some is that none of Mexico’s most popular coastal cities made the top 15, not even fan favorite Puerto Vallarta! Coming in at second place is the capital city of Oaxaca, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Here you can enjoy both beaches and mountains. One of the unique things about this city’s authentic Spanish Colonial architecture is that many buildings are made from green volcanic stone. As the capital city, the town is rich in culture and history and always has something fun going on.

The Top 3 CitiesTo Visit In Mexico-Mexico City

Mexico City

With over 12 million people Mexico City is a proper and modern city—also the national capital of Mexico. No, you won’t find the charming cobblestone many tourist towns are known for, but you will enjoy a nice mix of both modern and historic Spanish Colonial and Baroque architecture. Considered the New York of Mexico, everything you can do in any major city in the world can be found here. Although a major metropolis there are still plenty of options to enjoy authentic culture, art, cuisine, music, and more.

If you crave culture when you travel add the top 3 inland cities in Mexico to your list. Cities like Mérida and Guadalajara also made the 2018 list of top travel destinations in Mexico.

Why San Miguel de Allende Is One Of The Best Vacation Spots In Mexico

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Mexican vacation? Swimming in the ocean? Lounging on the beach while drinking margaritas? While that is certainly one way you can spend your vacation, Mexico has some fantastic vacation locations that don’t border the beach. Here are just a few reasons why San Miguel de Allende was voted by Travel + Leisure as #1 in the 2017 Top 15 Cities in the World Awards!

Best Vacation Spots In Mexico-San Miguel de Allende

The Perfect Balance

San Miguel has the comfy Bed and Breakfasts, 5-star resort hotels, and boutique hotels that you crave during a luxury getaway—but not for one second will you forget that you are in a city rich in culture and history. The streets are lined with shops selling art and handcrafted goods, live music can be found any day of the week, and the food is beyond compare.  While there are restaurants and cafes that feature the cuisines of the world, you are never more than a few steps away from a restaurant serving authentic Mexican food. From Cochinita Pibl (a local slow-cooked pork), to Oaxacan Black Mole, street tacos you will never forget, homemade Mexican ice cream, gourmet Mexican chocolate—and of course tequila, margaritas, and Mexican spirits.

Best Vacation Spots In Mexico - San Miguel de Allende

The Architecture Will Take Your Breath Away

The combination of 18th century Spanish Colonial architecture, domes, columns, courtyards, cobblestone streets, and the colorful buildings—there is simply nothing that compares to this quaint town. Los Monjas dome, Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel church and even the everyday homes and buildings are stunning. Don’t forget to check out the pyramid at Cañada De La Virgen.

Best Vacation Spots In Mexico

Nature Is Everywhere You Look

It’s clear the maintaining the local foliage is a priority. From trees that line many of the streets, to the tropical flowers and plants found in every courtyard, and the fresh cut flowers at the local markets. To really immerse yourself in nature, head to El Charco del Ingenio Jardín Botánico—San Miguel’s botanical gardens. Home to over 500 species of flora, 156 species of birds, 110 species of butterflies, 18 species of reptiles, and more!

These are just a few of the reasons why the central city of San Miguel de Allende has quickly become one of the hottest travel destinations in the world!

San Miguel de Allende’s Mojigangas: Giants Walk Among Us

On any given weekend, visitors and residents in  San Miguel de Allende may happen across a wedding, religious, or just a celebratory procession led by one or more colorful, whimsical mojigangas (pronounced mo-he-gan-gas).    In San Miguel de Allende, these dancing mojigangas lead joyful revelers in a “callejoneada”, or small parade of sorts,  through the cobblestone streets and into the Jardin. It is hard not to be completely enthralled with these amazing SMA icons.


A striking mojiganga adds color and texture to beautiful San Miguel de Allende!

These captivating giant puppets have their roots in the 1600s when the Spaniards brought over their antecedents, Los Gigantes (The Giants).  The original gigantes of Spain were meant to depict the aristocracy and were more symmetrical and resembled a large doll.  In Mexico and some parts of Latin America, these astounding figures took on a more exaggerated form. The enormous decorated heads are burlesque in appearance and made from paper mache while the body is an A-frame structure draped with fanciful garb. Typically, these delightful mojigangas are 15 feet tall. The dancer/puppeteer climbs under the structure (where their feet become the mojiganga’s) and a slight mid-body slit allows them to see.

Mojigangas are intended to be farcical representations of humanity, in all its beauty, whimsy and flaws. They can represent artists, such as Frida Kahlo, some of SMA’s own residents, politicians, Catrinas of the Day of the Dead  and of course, a happy couple. With San Miguel de Allende becoming a top wedding destination in Mexico, bride and groom mojigangas have surged in popularity –  becoming an integral part of wedding celebrations.

We, at Taste of San Miguel Food Tours, love to get caught in the joyful celebrations!

Taste of San Miguel – A Culinary and Cultural Adventure!


Who doesn’t visit a city and want to feel like a “local”?  Taste of San Miguel Food Tours (TSMA) does just that.  Food tours are popping up around the globe and with good reason; they are a new and exciting way to “become a local in 3 hours”.  TSMA scoured the city to ensure that the best of the best is represented and what a representation it is. Fresh ceviche, delicious mole, made to order panuchos with cochinita pibil , and a tequila tasting at one of the oldest cantinas in San Miguel de Allende are just a sampling of some of the delicacies enjoyed on this culinary adventure. In the span of 3 hours, tour attendees visit 8 off-the-beaten path eateries and tastings, see some of San Miguel de Allende’s beautiful sights, learn about the city’s culture and history and leave armed with the confidence necessary to continue exploring this beautiful town.



Co-founder Lindsay Prime started Vallarta Food Tours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2011 after realizing that many people were stuck in tourist traps, missing the best that Puerto Vallarta had to offer. She and her husband, co-founder Paul Mayer, wanted to bring the same concept to San Miguel de Allende. We are also excited to have on our team and incredible San Miguel Icon CC Stark . She is a passionate friendly guide with a wealth of knowledge of San Miguel history.

We wanted to create an experience for people to not only taste traditional cuisine, but also learn about the history of the dishes and their importance in Mexican culture,”  Lindsay enthusiastically explains, “We love living here and wanted to showcase why -the food, the culture, the families, the history. Taste of San Miguel Food Tours allows us to do just that!”


Taste of San Miguel Food Tours offers unique food and cultural walking tours.  Suitable for all fitness levels,TSMA are perfect for visitors and local alike. Tours are offered Thursdays through Saturdays at 12: 00 pm. Tickets can be bought online at and by phone 1-888-457-2210 US or Canada, 322.181.7196 for Mexico.

Eat. Explore. Experience!