Taco 101: How To Eat An Authentic Mexican Taco In San Miguel de Allende

As an avid traveler you already understand that eating authentic local cuisine is nothing like dining in one of your hometown restaurants. While you know that Taco Bell is far from authentic you are sure to have dined in at least a few Mexican-owned and operated restaurants outside of Mexico. However, even the most authentic global chefs have to substitute ingredients with local fare. Here’s what to expect when dining authentic in San Miguel de Allende.

How To Eat An Authentic Mexican Taco In San Miguel de Allende-Hand Made Tortillas

Fresh Pressed Tortillas

While you are likely looking forward to what’s inside your tacos, in Mexico the tortilla makes all the difference. Expect a different flavor and texture than back home, and for many restaurants to have a signature tortilla recipe. While not all restaurants and taco stands make and fresh press their tortillas they have a local tortilleria they purchase fresh tortillas from daily. Just like fresh bread made from quality ingredients your tortillas will elevate your dining experience.

How To Eat An Authentic Mexican Taco In San Miguel de Allende-Taco Fillings

Fillings You’ve Never Heard Of

Since the tortillas are much smaller you will need to order 3 to 5 tacos per meal. This is a good thing because it provides you with the opportunity to try a variety of fillings. Fillings will vary from one region of Mexico to the next, and yes you can find vegan tacos—with potato tacos being a favorite or vegans and carnivores alike. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular taco fillings. Don’t expect lettuce, tomato, sour cream or cheese as these are not authentic toppings. You will instead top your tacos with onions, cilantro, and fresh squeezed lime.

How To Eat An Authentic Mexican Taco In San Miguel de Allende-Salsa

Salsa Is The Finishing Touch

If spicy’s not your thing then pass, but if you like spicy then salsa is the finishing touch for each taco. There is sure to be a bottle of Salsa Huichol at almost every taco stand and restaurant. While a Mexican favorite be sure to taste the house salsa from each place you dine. Expect to find a red salsa roja made from roasted peppers, a green salsa verde made from tomatillos, and maybe a signature salsa or two. There may be a pico de gallo, a thin avocado sauce (that’s not guacamole), pickled veggies, and maybe even a chipotle mayo. Even if you like things hot, spoon a small amount on your plate to taste it before you drizzle it on.

How To Eat An Authentic Mexican Taco In San Miguel de Allende-No Beans and Rice

Where Are The Beans And Rice?

If you are dining in a sit-down restaurant, beans and rice may come as an automatic side dish, but don’t be surprised if you have to order them individually. When dining at a street taco stand don’t expect either. Instead, give fresh roasted jalapenos and green onions with the stalk and bulb a try. Simple but delicious!

How To Eat An Authentic Mexican Taco In San Miguel de Allende-Plates With Plastic

Your Plate Might Be Covered In Plastic

Street food stand vendors almost always cover their plates in a plastic bag, about the size of a grocery store produce bag. This is less expensive than investing in disposable plates and means that all they have to do to keep the plates clean between diners is replace the plastic.

Some of the best tacos in any Mexican town, including San Miguel de Allende, are the street food stands—which almost always serve nothing but their signature tacos. Spend 3.5 hours with us taking a guided tour of the culinary gems that helped put our city on the map. This includes the best taco in town! We have 3 foodie tours to choose from including a Tacos and Tequila Tour.

What To Do Before And After Your Destination Wedding In San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende isn’t just one of the top places in the world to vacation but is the perfect place for a destination wedding. While there is no beach in sight there are many picturesque gardens and ornate churches to host your wedding. While your ceremony can be arranged any way you like, in traditional Mexican style you and your wedding guests will have your own mini-parade from your wedding venue to your reception venue. But what should you and your guests do before and after the wedding?

Destination Wedding In San Miguel de Allende-Wine Tasting

Take A Wine Tour

Tequila might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mexican spirits but you are in an impressive wine region—and a wine tasting makes the perfect group activity or spot for a bachelor or bachelorette party. You have many wineries to choose from with Viñedo Dos Buhos, Viñedos San Lucas or, Viñedos La Redonda winery in nearby Ezequiel Montes being at the top of the list. Also, consider the wineries for your rehearsal dinner, wedding, or reception—or at least serve some of their wine.

Destination Weddings in San Miguel de Allende-Food and Drink Tour

Take A Food Tour

If you are looking for something to do with your bridal party, bachelor party, or with your family and friends consider booking a food tour. While your hotel may have an impressive restaurant and you can easily find 5-star international cuisine throughout the city—a Private Food Tour will introduce you to the local culinary gems. This includes the mom and pop shops that you might not find on your own, but certainly don’t want to miss out on!

Destination Wedding In San Miguel de Allende-Classical Concert

Take In A Concert

If you enjoy live classical music check to see what is playing at the Festival de Música de Cámara. This is the premier spot in town for world-class live music featuring artists from Mexico and around the globe. They also host a free outdoor concert every 2nd Saturday of the month featuring students who are training with the current featured artist. 2018 is their 40th anniversary so there are some big things planned this year.

Destination Weddings in San Miguel de Allende-Explore Solo

Explore Solo

One of the things to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding is to leave time to explore solo. Also, don’t book everything bright and early so that your guests can ease into their day. Plan on only 1 or 2 of your meals a day together and 1 or 2 group activities. Leave a good chunk of the day for exploring solo, as couples, or as a smaller group. That way it’s a true vacation for all.

If you’ve just started planning the premier wedding and event planner in town is Penzi and who specializes in destination weddings and special events.