Why Tenured Travelers Bypass Mexico’s Beach Resorts And Head Inland

If you only have one week off a year, you are crossing a vacation destination off of your Bucket List, or you hardly ever travel—a beach town or all-inclusive resort might be the way to go. However, tenured travelers often bypass Mexico’s beaches and head inland to San Miguel de Allende and other less populated cities. Here are just a few reasons why.

Bypass Mexico’s Beach Resorts And Head Inland—To San Miguel de Allende-Art

Pueblos Mágicos

Another attraction is the Pueblos Mágicos (magic cities) of which each of the 31 states designates a few. These are often quaint little towns with their own distinct appeal so be sure to check if there is one nearby your primary destination. Yes, San Miguel is one of these cities! Pueblos Mágicos are popular travel destinations for nationals and growing in popularity with international travelers. Some are so small that a day trip is enough to experience a city’s charms but some have enough to see and do that they are perfect as your primary vacation destination.

Bypass Mexico’s Beach Resorts And Head Inland—To San Miguel de Allende-Ruins

Mexico Has Many Great Cities To Choose From

Beaches and palms trees might be the first thing the comes to mind when you think of Mexico, but there is so much more to see and explore. Let your travel goals help decide where to go which might include hobbies such as bird watching, visiting one of the many Mayan or Aztec ruins, heading to a major metropolitan area such as Mexico City or Guanajuato, or visiting a region with the art or food you enjoy most.


Bypass Mexico's Beach Resorts-Head Inland To San Miguel de Allende

A True Feel For Local Culture And Customs

The problem with beach resorts and all-inclusives is that you can spend your entire vacation in your resort, leaving feeling as though you were never really in Mexico. Even if your resort serves ‘authentic’ local cuisine, it has undoubtedly been modified to appeal to a mainstream audience—and to be a bit more in line with Mexican food you find overseas. To experience authentic Mexican cuisine you will have to leave the resort.

Even if Airbnb or vacation rentals are more your style, in beach towns you may tire of the constant high-pressure sales pitches and cookie-cutter excursions. By heading inland you will still find plenty of guided tours and activities but without the crowds of tourism. This isn’t to say that you can’t visit a popular tourist destination, but the vibe will be far more relaxed and authentic outside of beach towns. A food tour should be at top of this list. Book your Evening in San Miguel Food Tour early in your vacation so that you can return to your favorite spots!

Bypass Mexico’s Beach Resorts And Head Inland—To San Miguel de Allende-#1 Travel Destination In The World

Why San Miguel de Allende Is So Popular?

For the second year in a row San Miguel de Allende has topped the list of Travel and Leisure Magazine’s top city to travel to. This accolade is awarded by readers who vote on a variety of criteria including culture, cuisine, shopping, friendliness, sights, landmarks, and more. The reasons why our city tops this list include the traditional Spanish Colonial architecture, stunning agriculture, and authentic cuisine, music, and arts. It’s like traveling back in time but with luxury amenities. Not to worry if you aren’t always in the mood for Mexican food as there is a nice mix of international restaurants to choose from. While we don’t have beaches our local foliage is lush green with colorful blossoms perfect for bird watching or a leisurely stroll.

The more you travel the less you will choose tourist traps and will opt for an immersive experience instead. Our city offers the best of both worlds balancing authenticity with the luxury and relaxation you crave while on vacation.

Why You Will Love The Authentic Mexican Food In San Miguel de Allende

Tasting authentic local cuisine is one of the top reasons to travel. In fact, it is why food tourism is on the rise around the globe. If you are heading to Mexico for the first time you are sure to be in for a few surprises. Even if you have eaten your fair share of tacos, burritos, and enchiladas—there is far more to choose from. Expect your go-tos Mexican favorites to taste completely different when made from scratch and in an authentic style. Here’s just a bit of what you can expect.

Authentic Mexican Food In San Miguel de Allende - Hand Pressed Tortillas

Handmade Tortillas

Don’t expect to find flour tortillas as most restaurants make their tortillas from scratch, or buy them fresh from a local tortilleria keep your eye out as you can often see them be pressed and grilled right in front of you. As you go from one taco stand or restaurant to the next you will also find that the tortillas taste different. This is because different vendors use different recipes, some even add seasonings to their tortillas—or press and cook their tortillas a bit thicker than usual.

Authentic Mexican Food In San Miguel de Allende - Fajitas

Your Mexican Favorites Are Likely To Look And Taste Entirely Different

Think of Mexican food a bit like you would Italian food in that pizza can be served as fast food or can be made from scratch with fresh dough and cooked in a brick oven. The same goes for authentic Mexican food. Expect your favorites such as tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas to look and taste quite a bit different—and quite a bit better! Would you have guessed that the photo above is one of the many ways that fajitas are served in Mexico? In fact, your favorite dishes will taste different from one region of Mexico to the next.

Authentic Mexican Food In San Miguel de Allende - Fresh Salsa

Salsa And Hot Sauce

If you like things hot you will have plenty of spicy options to choose from. One of the fun things about authentic Mexican salsa and hot sauce is that each restaurant has a house blend—made daily from scratch. Just make sure you understand the etiquette, which is no dipping. In most restaurants, the fresh blend will be served to multiple tables so use the spoon to drizzle on what you need.

Authentic Mexican Food In San Miguel de Allende - Regional Cuisine

Order Food You’ve Never Tried Before

Last but not least, be sure to try things you have never heard of—whether it be mole sauce, a seafood soup, a new taco filling, or an entirely new dish. There is always the worry that you might not like something you try, which makes taking a guided food tour an excellent option. This way you can taste small samples of a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine. Take your food tour early in your vacation so that you can head back to the restaurants you enjoyed most.

Last but not least, don’t forget to sample regional beverages—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. From aqua fresca, to limonada, fresh coconut water, Tequila, Mezcal, and more.